Superlative adjectives


The superlative form of an adjective is made by adding the superlative suffix «in» to its comparative form. In other words, by adding «tar+in» to an adjective:

bad (bad)badtar (worse)badtarin (the worse)
bozorg (big)bozorgtar (bigger)bozorgtarin (the biggest)
beh (good)behtar (better)behtarin (the best)
khub (good)khubtar (better)khubtarin (the best)
zibâ (beautiful)zibâtar (more beautiful)zibâtarin (the most beautiful)
dustdâshtani (lovable)dustdâshtanitar (more lovable)dustdâshtanitarin (the most lovable)

NOTE As mentioned on comparative adjectives, «behtar» is the normal word for «better». Consequently, «behtarin» is the normal word for «the best» (and not «khubtarin»).


The superlative form comes before the noun: