Persian Language
For English Speakers

Here is the complete list of pages, applications and tools related to Persian language:

Persian Grammar
Lessons on Persian grammar. Persian texts are available in Latin alphabet as well. So, you can familiarize yourself with Persian language without the need to learn its native alphabet

Persian Vocabulary
Persian phrases and thematic vocabulary lists with pronunciation

Persian Verb Conjugator
An online application that can conjugate Persian verbs for you

Persian Morphology
Pages on Persian morphology, different suffixes, prefixes and derivations

Online Persian Keyboard
An online application that you can use to type Persian texts

Shahname Search Engine
An online application that lets you perform semantic search on Shahname, the Persian epic

Persian Word Explorer
An online application that creates derivation maps for given words based on the derivation category you choose. Among other things, it can help users with coining words and introducing new words into Persian

Phonetic Keyboard Layout
A different keyboard layout for Persian language. It can be installed on different versions of Windows operating system. Persian letters are arranged phonetically. For example, by pressing B you get ب instead of the ذ of standard keyboard layout