Indicative past

Tense names

As this is the first page about Persian tenses, an important point must be mentioned: tense names used in the following pages. Each language has its own system for naming tenses. For example, the tense of «I have gone» is called «present perfect» in English, «past perfect» in Spanish, «compound past» in French and «narrative past» in Persian. Furthermore, not all the tenses of a language have an equivalent in another language. For example, English doesn't have the tense of Persian «rafte bude» and therefore, there's no way to name it following English tense terminology; «past perfect perfect» would make no sense. Consequently, in my opinion, it's best to introduce the tenses of a foreign language with their original name. I follow this approach both here and in my Persian verb conjugator. In your books, you would see names close to what are used in your native language but please note that not all the tenses are discussed there. When it comes to talking about all Persian tenses, the only possible way is to introduce them by literally translating their Persian name. Whenever there's an equavalnet for a Persian tense in English, French or Spanish, I'll mention it.

Persian has even more past tenses but they are obsolete. The tenses that will be discussed here:

Essential tenses

Additional tenses