Indicative past narrative progressive


auxiliary verb dâshtan (to have) in past narrative + main verb in past narrative imperfect


This tense is similar to English present perfect continuous tense.

raftan — to go
dâshteam mirafteamI have been goingdâshteim mirafteimwe have been going
dâshtei mirafteiyou have been goingdâshteid mirafteidyou have been going
dâshte miraftehe/she/it has been goingdâshteand mirafteandthey have been going
kâr kardan — to work
dâshteam kâr mikardeamI have been workingdâshteim kâr mikardeimwe have been working
dâshtei kâr mikardeiyou have been workingdâshteid kâr mikardeidyou have been working
dâshte kâr mikardehe/she/it has been workingdâshteand kâr mikardeandthey have been working