Indicative past precedent progressive


auxiliary verb dâshtan (to have) in past simple + main verb in past precedent imperfect


This tense is similar to English past perfect continuous tense.

raftan — to go
dâshtam mirafte budamI had been goingdâshtim mirafte budimwe had been going
dâshti mirafte budiyou had been goingdâshtid mirafte budidyou had been going
dâsht mirafte budhe/she/it had been goingdâshtand mirafte budandthey had been going
kâr kardan — to work
dâshtam kâr mikarde budamI had been workingdâshtim kâr mikarde budimwe had been working
dâshti kâr mikarde budiyou had been workingdâshtid kâr mikarde budidyou had been working
dâsht kâr mikarde budhe/she/it had been workingdâshtand kâr mikarde budandthey had been working