Suffix -ande

The suffix «-ande» is added to present stem and functions like English «-er»: someone/something that does something. However, in some words, it has found an extened meaning.

Following the general rule, when the stem ends in a vowel, a «-y-» comes between the stem and suffix.

âmadanto comeâyandefuture
bordanto winbarandewinner
didanto seebinandespectator
goftanto sayguyandespeaker, announcer
khazidanto creepkhazandereptile
khwândanto read; to singkhwânandereader; singer
nemudanto show, to representnemâyanderepresentative
paridanto flyparandebird
sâkhtanto makesâzandemaker, constructor; constructive
shenidanto hearshenavandeaudience, listener
shostanto washshuyandewasher; detergent

A Persian proverb: juyande yâbande ast. Literally: «seeker is finder»; he who seeks, finds. In French, they have: qui cherche trouve

Regarding compound verbs, «-ande» usually drops:

bâzi kardanto playbâzikonplayer
sherkat kardanto participatesherkatkonandeparticipant
del bordanto steal one's heartdelbarsweetheart, literally: one who has stolen your heart