Nâme as a suffix

In compound words, «nâme» typically means «book, accounts» that reflects its Middle Persian and classical meaning («ketâb» is an Arabic loanword). A familiar example is Shâhnâme, our national epic, which means «The Book of Kings». Here are some interesting words made with different «words of time» and «nâme»:

ruznâmeروزنامهnewspaper (ruz: day)
haftenâmeهفته‌نامهweekly magazine (hafte: week)
note that «hafte» derives from «haft» (seven; a week has seven days)
dohaftenâmeدوهفته‌نامهbiweekly magazine (do: two, hafte: week)
mâhnâmeماهنامهmonthly magazine (mâh: month)
faslnâmeفصلنامهa magazine that appears once a season (fasl: season)
sâlnâmeسالنامهa magazine that appears once a year (sâl: year)