Persian Grammar
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In Persian, the stress falls on the last syllable.

Part of Speech Word Syllables Meaning
Noun آسمان â-se-MÂN sky
Adjective زیبا zi-BÂ beautiful, pretty
Pronoun شما sho-MÂ you
Infinitive نوشتن ne-vesh-TAN to write

There are only a few exceptions:

Word Syllables Meaning
بله BA-le yes
اگر A-gar if
اما AM-mâ but
زیرا ZI-râ because

In Latin alphabet, it is common to denote irregular stress by placing the acute accent over the vowel of the stressed syllable. For example, in Spanish "corazón". The same approach can be adopted for Persian words having irregular stress position: bále, ágar, ámmâ, zírâ.