Verb types

Persian verbs are classified into the main groups: simple and compound.

Simple verb

A simple verb has only one part:

Compound verb

A compound verb consists of a simple verb preceded by one or more words:

One characteristic of Persian is its limited number of simple verbs. The number of simple verbs in common use hardly exceeds 100. The majority of Persian verbs are compound verbs made from simple verbs. Linguistically, Persian can both make simple verbs with the suffix «-idan» and compound verbs with the verb «kardan» but Persian's tendency has been towards making compound verbs and even, many of simple verbs have been replaced with a compound equivalent. For example, «busidan» vs. «bus kardan», which both mean «to kiss» but today, the compound verb is the prevalent form. Or, «âghâzidan» vs. «âghâz kardan», which both mean «to begin» but the simple verb is virtually never used. Today, new verbs are all made compound. Some examples: