Persian Word Builder is a word coinage application for forming new words in Persian language. It generates all possible derivatives of a word (more precisely, a morpheme) in a given word category based on derivational patterns used in Persian language over the past 1100 years. Many of these derivatives don't already exist and that's the purpose of the application: to find words that can be introduced into Persian language.

Supported word categories are: noun, adjective, adverb, infinitive, present stem and past stem

To use Persian Word Builder, enter your word, select its category and then, click on Build button or hit Enter on your keyboard.

The derivatives are grouped based on the place of affixation (prefix, suffix and interfix). During word formation process, Persian Word Builder also adds some of the words that already exist in Persian and have been made with each derivational pattern.

HINT You can try other categories than the one a word belongs to. For example, ساز is the present stem of ساختن. By introducing it as a past stem or a noun, you can find derivatives that are not possible to be formed with the patterns of present stem.

If there are any derivational patterns that I have missed to include, please let me know.

Happy word hunting!