Ali Jahanshiri

Greetings! My name is Ali Jahanshiri. I was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1982. By the age of fifteen, I had learned about eight languages on my own, without anyone’s help and with the least resources one can come by in a country like Iran. Classes for languages other than English were scarce, uncommon and not affordable to many. Sometimes, even self-study courses were not available.

I haven't pursued linguistics academically but I've explored its different areas at Ph.D. level by self-studying. I'm acquainted with over twenty languages and have a Master's degree in computer engineering. I'm considered a full-stack web developer. Artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, in particular, is the field where my interests in human languages and developing applications coalesce.

My site has been up for many years. In 2004, I developed the first free, downloadable Persian verb conjugator. Quoting an American professor on this:

In those days, Iran was even more insular than now and the idea that some young kid would go out and make some useful tool and then share it with the global community was ahead of its time in anyone's book.


I have always preferred to keep everything on my website free and now, for the first time through these years, I have put the option to make donations. If you are interested, please visit my donation page.

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