When I initially started writing the present work, my intention was to create an introductory material for those who are curious about Persian and would like to have an overview of the language. I wrote Persian in Latin alphabet to make it more approachable and let readers taste Persian without the need to learn its native alphabet. Over time, I wrote more pages and now, in certain sections such as verbs and tenses, the content is detailed and comprehensive. My goal has now shifted towards creating an online grammar reference for Persian learners at all levels of instruction. To accomplish this, existing topics need to be covered in more details and there are grammatical topics that I have not written about yet. Please keep checking for content updates and let me know your comments and suggestions.

It should be emphasized that this is an original work and reflects my personal view of Persian grammar. It is not always in accord with how Persian has been described in other grammar references. For instance, the description of tenses, considering six participles for Persian and most notably, stating that Persian marks eight grammatical cases. Despite its long history, Persian syntax has remained a largely unstudied field, hence open to research and new views.