When I initially started writing the present grammar collection, I had this goal in mind: “to create an introductory course for those who are curious about Persian and would like to have a general overview of the language”. To make it more approachable, I wrote Persian in Latin alphabet so that readers would not need to learn its native alphabet. Over time, I wrote more pages and now, the content is detailed and comprehensive in certain topics including verb conjugation and tenses. My goal has now shifted towards creating an online grammar reference for Persian learners at all levels of instruction. To accomplish this objective, existing topics need to be covered in more details and there are grammatical topics that I have not written about yet.

This grammar collection is an original work and reflects my personal understanding of Persian grammar. For instance, considering six verbal participles for Persian and more importantly, stating that Persian marks eight grammatical cases is not how New Persian has been studied and introduced both in Iranian and foreign references. However, this point must also be mentioned that Persian grammar is largely unstudied and unexplored in spite of its long history. Persian still lacks a comprehensive and modern grammar reference covering all the details and features of this intricate language. On this account, Persian grammar is open to research and new definitions.

The content focuses on Iranian Persian. However, Persian dialects are widely intelligible. Knowing any one of them, you can communicate well with Persian speakers of other countries. If you find any mistakes, have any suggestions or would like to support me financially, please feel free to contact me.