The imperfective future indicative tense describes a continuing, repetitive or habitual occurrence (→ imperfective aspect) in the future, which is based on the known state of affairs (→ indicative mood). This tense does not have an equivalent in English and has to be translated with different tenses depending on the context. When it refers to a habitual or repeated occurrence, the future simple tense or “used to” structure can be used. When it refers to a continuing or an ongoing occurrence, the future progressive tense can be used. Since the imperfective aspect is a superset of the progressive aspect, Persian’s imperfective future tense can be used in situations where English uses its future progressive tense.

Persian distinguishes between past and non-past tenses. The present and future are expressed with the same tenses. Consequently, the imperfective future tense is expressed using the same grammatical form as imperfective present. The context indicates the exact time.


از فردا درس می‌خوانم
Az fardâ dars mixwânam
I will study from tomorrow
I will be studying from tomorrow
از هفته‌ی دیگر، هر روز پیاده به دانشگاه می‌روم
Az hafte-ye digar, har ruz piyâde be dânešgâh miravam
From next week, I will walk to the university every day

Regional Form

In some regional dialects of Persian, there is a dedicated form for imperfective future. This form is not common in standard Persian.

خواستن in
perfective present
Apocopated infinitive

The apocopated form of an infinitive is obtained by removing “-an” from the end. The following table shows the conjugation of خواستن (“xwâstan”; to want, to will) in perfective present.

1S خواهم
1P خواهیم
2S خواهی
2P خواهید
3S خواهد
3P خواهند


Simple verbs

1S می‌خواهم رفت
mixwâham raft
2S می‌خواهی رفت
mixwâhi raft
3S می‌خواهد رفت
mixwâhad raft
1P می‌خواهیم رفت
mixwâhim raft
2P می‌خواهید رفت
mixwâhid raft
3P می‌خواهند رفت
mixwâhand raft

Compound verbs

1S کار می‌خواهم کرد
kâr mixwâham kard
2S کار می‌خواهی کرد
kâr mixwâhi kard
3S کار می‌خواهد کرد
kâr mixwâhad kard
1P کار می‌خواهیم کرد
kâr mixwâhim kard
2P کار می‌خواهید کرد
kâr mixwâhid kard
3P کار می‌خواهند کرد
kâr mixwâhand kard

Negative conjugation

The negative form of the imperfective future tense is constructed by prefixing ن (“ne”) to می (“mi-”). In the presence of the imperfective particle “mi”, the negation particle “na” is pronounced “ne”.

1S نمی‌خواهم رفت
nemixwâham raft
2S نمی‌خواهی رفت
nemixwâhi raft
3S نمی‌خواهد رفت
nemixwâhad raft
1P نمی‌خواهیم رفت
nemixwâhim raft
2P نمی‌خواهید رفت
nemixwâhid raft
3P نمی‌خواهند رفت
nemixwâhand raft
1S کار نمی‌خواهم کرد
kâr nemixwâham kard
2S کار نمی‌خواهی کرد
kâr nemixwâhi kard
3S کار نمی‌خواهد کرد
kâr nemixwâhad kard
1P کار نمی‌خواهیم کرد
kâr nemixwâhim kard
2P کار نمی‌خواهید کرد
kâr nemixwâhid kard
3P کار نمی‌خواهند کرد
kâr nemixwâhand kard