The indicative present progressive tense is used to describe an action that is in progress in present or future. A verbal form like “dâram miravam” can mean “I am going” (present continuous) or “I will be going” (future continuous) depending on the context. The future progressive is deduced from adverbial clauses that denote a future time reference. Since the progressive aspect is only used for affirmative actions, it does not have negative form. To express future actions that won’t be in progress, the indicative future imperfective tense is used.


هفته‌ی دیگر این موقع، دارم در دریا شنا می‌کنم
Hafte-ye digar in mowǧeø, dâram dar daryâ šenâ mikonam
This time next week, I will be swimming in the sea
فردا داریم به تهران می‌رویم
Fardâ dârim be Tehrân miravim
We will be going to Tehran tomorrow
فردا این ساعت، داریم مسابقه را تماشا می‌کنیم
Fardâ in sâat, dârim mosâbeǧe râ tamâšâ mikonim
This hour tomorrow, we will be watching the match
او هم دارد به مهمانی می‌آید
U ham dârad de mehmâni miâyad
He will be coming to the party too