The indicative past narrative progressive is a past tense with an indicative mood that has both narrative and progressive aspects at the same time. It is formed according to the following pattern:

auxiliary verb داشتن (to have) in
past narrative
+ main verb in
past narrative imperfect


Simple verbs

1S داشته‌ام می‌رفته‌ام
dâshteam mirafteam
I have been going
2S داشته‌ای می‌رفته‌ای
dâshtei miraftei
You have been going
3S داشته‌است می‌رفته‌است
dâshteast mirafteast
داشته می‌رفته
dâshte mirafte
He/She has been going
1P داشته‌ایم می‌رفته‌ایم
dâshteim mirafteim
We have been going
2P داشته‌اید می‌رفته‌اید
dâshteid mirafteid
You have been going
3P داشته‌اند می‌رفته‌اند
dâshteand mirafteand
They have been going

Compound verbs

1S داشته‌ام کار می‌کرده‌ام
dâshteam kâr mikardeam
I have been working
2S داشته‌ای کار می‌کرده‌ای
dâshtei kâr mikardei
You have been working
3S داشته‌است کار می‌کرده‌است
dâshteast kâr mikardeast
داشته کار می‌کرده
dâshte kâr mikarde
He/She has been working
1P داشته‌ایم کار می‌کرده‌ایم
dâshteim kâr mikardeim
We have been working
2P داشته‌اید کار می‌کرده‌اید
dâshteid kâr mikardeid
You have been working
3P داشته‌اند کار می‌کرده‌اند
dâshteand kâr mikardeand
They have been working

In third person singular, the auxilary verb است (ast) is normally dropped. That is, we normally say داشته می‌رفته instead of داشته‌است می‌رفته‌است and داشته کار می‌کرده instead of داشته‌است کار می‌کرده‌است.

Negative conjugation

Progressive tenses are only used for describing in-progress actions and do not have a negative form. Instead, their imperfect counterpart is used. Regarding the past narrative progressive tense, its imperfect counterpart is the past narrative imperfect tense.

داشته‌ام می‌رفته‌ام
dâshteam mirafteam
I have been going
I have not been going
داشته‌ام کار می‌کرده‌ام
dâshteam kâr mikardeam
I have been working
کار نمی‌کرده‌ام
kâr nemikardeam
I have not been working


Porgressive tenses are mainly used in spoken Persian. This tense is similar to English present perfect continuous.

نمی‌دانم چه کار داشته می‌کرده
Nemidânam che kâr dâshte mikarde
I don't know what she has been doing