The indicative past precedent progressive is a past tense with an indicative mood that has both precedent and progressive aspects at the same time. It is formed according to the following pattern:

auxiliary verb داشتن (to have) in
past simple
+ main verb in
past precedent imperfect

This tense is similar to English past perfect continuous tense.


Simple verbs

1S داشتم می‌رفته بودم
dâshtam mirafte budam
I had been going
2S داشتی می‌رفته بودی
dâshti mirafte budi
You had been going
3S داشت می‌رفته بود
dâsht mirafte bud
He/She had been going
1P داشتیم می‌رفته بودیم
dâshtim mirafte budim
We had been going
2P داشتید می‌رفته بودید
dâshtid mirafte budid
You had been going
3P داشتند می‌رفته بودند
dâshtand mirafte budand
They had been going

Compound verbs

1S داشتم کار می‌کرده بودم
dâshtam kâr mikarde budam
I had been working
2S داشتی کار می‌کرده بودی
dâshti kâr mikarde budi
You had been working
3S داشت کار می‌کرده بود
dâsht kâr mikarde bud
He/She had been working
1P داشتیم کار می‌کرده بودیم
dâshtim kâr mikarde budim
We had been working
2P داشتید کار می‌کرده بودید
dâshtid kâr mikarde budid
You had been working
3P داشتند کار می‌کرده بودند
dâshtand kâr mikarde budand
They had been working