Cardinal numbers are used in counting. They specify the quantity of a noun. For example, “one” in “one book” and “ten” in “ten books” are cardinal numbers.

Cardinals 0-9

Cardinals 11-19

Cardinals 20-99

Cardinals 100-999

Regarding “100”, its full form is یکصد (“yeksad”; a/one hundred) but it is usually used as صد (“sad”; hundred). Regarding “200”, there is also دوصد (“dosad”; two+hundred) but this form is not used in modern Iranian Persian.

Cardinals 1000 and up

Regarding “1000”, its full form is یکهزار (“yek-hezâr”; one thousand) but it is usually used as هزار (“hezâr”; thousand).

Cardinals with Nouns

Nouns are always in singular form after cardinal numbers because the number indicates the noun’s singularity or plurality.

یک کتاب
yek ketâb
a/one book
دو/سه/صد کتاب
do/se/sad ketâb
two/three/one hundred books
(literally: two/three/one hundred book)