Pronominal verbs are kind of compound verbs in which object pronouns are used in conjugation. English doesn't have such verbs. These verbs have a special conjugation:

As far as I have seen in grammar references, it isn't clear how to write the infinitive form of pronominal verbs. Here they are written in 3rd person singular (Following French, Spanish,…).

Some common pronominal verbs

bad-ash âmadanto dislike, to find unpleasant
khosh-ash âmadanto like, to find enjoyable or agreeable
dard-ash âmadanto feel pain
dard-ash gereftanto start feeling pain
gerye-ash gereftanto start crying, to feel like crying
gorosne-ash budanto be hungry
sard-ash shodanto feel cold
sard-ash budanto be (feeling) cold
teshne-ash budanto feel thirsty


bad-ash âmadan
past simplepresent imperfectfuture simple
bad-am âmadbad-am miâyadbad-am khwâhad âmad
bad-at âmadbad-at miâyadbad-at khwâhad âmad
bad-ash âmadbad-ash miâyadbad-ash khwâhad âmad
bad-emân âmadbad-emân miâyadbad-emân khwâhad âmad
bad-etân âmadbad-etân miâyadbad-etân khwâhad âmad
bad-eshân âmadbad-eshân miâyadbad-eshân khwâhad âmad
sard-ash budan
past simplepresent imperfect
sard-am budsard-am ast
sard-at budsard-at ast
sard-ash budsard-ash ast
sard-emân budsard-emân ast
sard-etân budsard-etân ast
sard-eshân budsard-eshân ast