Persian Word Explorer is a word coining application. I developed it in 2004 as a means to introduce new words into Persian language. Persian Word Explorer generates all possible derivatives of a word (more precisely, a morpheme) in a given category based on derivational patterns used in Persian language over the past 1100 years. Many of the produced derivatives do not exist in Persian. Users can explore derivatives and find the ones that can be introduced into Persian language.

Supported word categories are: noun, adjective, adverb, infinitive, present stem and past stem. Derivatives are grouped based on the place of affixation (prefix, suffix and interfix). Persian Word Explorer provides sample words for each derivational pattern. The samples are from words that already exist in the language.

You can try categories other than the one a word belongs to. For example, ساز is the present stem of ساختن. If you input it as a past stem or a noun, you will find words that are not possible to be derived from present stem patterns.

If there are any derivational patterns that I have missed to include, please let me know.

Happy word hunting!