Animal Classes

A comprehensive list of words and scientific terms that are used in the classification of living creatures.


پستاندار (mammal) is a compound word from پستان (breast) and دار, the present stem of داشتن (to have). It literally means “breast-having”.


مرغ (morgh) is the word for “bird” in classic Persian and still, in the literary language. In the modern form of Persian, مرغ exclusively means “hen” and a “bird” is called پرنده (parande). پرنده derives from the verb پریدن (to fly) and literary means “flyer”.

Insects and other Invertebrates


خزنده (reptile) derives from the verb خزیدن (to crawl, to creep, to slither) and literally means “crawler, creeper”.


Youngs of Animals

بچه (child) is a catch-all word. It can be used for the young of any living creature.


Specific Words