The word سبزی (vegetable) derives from the color سبز (green). So, it literally means “the green, greenery, verdure”. Persian has a special plural form called plural of variety. سبزی means “vegetable”, سبزیها means “vegetables” and سبزیجات means “all variants of vegetables”.

* The adjective فرنگی (foreign) often drops, particularity in spoken Persian. As a result, گوجه‌ی فرنگی and نخود فرنگی are shortened to گوجه (“gowje”) and نخود (“nokhod”).

Edible Greens

In Persian cuisine, there are certain combinations of herbs and vegetables that are used together in making certain dishes or side dishes. There is a special combination that is served with any meals as a side dish. This is called سبزی خوردن (“sabzi-ye khordan”). It literally means “edible greens”. Depending on the season, this combination traditionally consists of the following herbs and vegetables.

Sometimes, گشنیز (coriander), جعفری (parsley), شوید (dill) or other herbs are included but they are not typical of this set.